10,001 TronApes have arrived!

hoo oo aa aa the OG Apes have found their way to Tron, Hello Justin.

First-ever original PFP art on Tron

TronApes is the only originally made generative project on Tron, with each TronApe having unique characteristics and traits that are made by top artists from the world

First-ever original action figures on Tron!

Making your intangible NFT into a tangible toy! We are the first project on Tron to deliver 3D Action Figures and aim to grow into retail just like Gary Vee’s VeeFriends!

Ape Worthy

The OG-ness of these TronApes makes it more of a culture brand for people and celebrities around the world to grab, with an aura of it’s own.


TronApes don’t stop at just minting and launching, it goes beyond that and is building a beta re-iteration of the legendary DonkeyKong where each TronApe would play a special role for its player.


TronApes is built by FansForever – an established celebrity focused NFT Marketplace which without saying will attract top artists to TronApes


TronApes has this 1 very special ape which will bring you guaranteed fortune, as this 1 ape can be exchanged with the team for a prize of 50,000 USDT after all is sold out. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll grab this 1/1 Trait TronApe which is the “Lottery Ape”

Enter the Apeverse

TronApes is not just any other project riding the wave, it’s original and backed by leading entrepreneurs, investors and artists from the industry.


Check out our top rare TronApes, however we believe each is rare and special and adds value to its holder! We have reserved 402 tAPES for Charity campaigns, Airdrops, Partnerships and for Marketing use. 





JS Mega Ape






Buy a tAPE Action Figure

You will be able to Buy a TronApe 3D Action Figure on 8pm EST 15/09 from here.

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