Lullaby by Lindsay Lohan sold for 1,000,001 TRX to Coinunited!

First celebrity 1/1 drop hosted for Lindsay Lohan was sold successfully after having bids from Justin Sun and other reputed names on it

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Tron Blockchain

Fan is built on TRON blockchain which is super fast and commits that user will pay 0 gas fee, forever.

Renowned Creators

FansForever is a curated mix of celebrity creators, fine-art painters and famous collectibles backed by physical collectibles! A-List celebrities to the top tier art makers, Fans got it all!


Fan creates a place for fans to engage with creators and talents by following them on the updates, commenting on the creations, or even directly messaging them for a certain content.

Why NFTs, Now?

NFTs bring so many versatile features from blockchain to the content business, this is the same disruptive moment as what Uber did to the taxi business and Airbnb did to the hotel business, if not more.

This very feature will take blockchain and crypto users to the first billion!

TronApes are here again, literally!

We are excited to announce that Fans has now started delivering your favorite TronApe as 3D Action Figures to your doorstep. You can now have a physical TronApe to give you company while you trade your digital TronApe NFT on Tron! 

Powered by your favourite celebriities!

Fans is the next level for NFTs, find the latest drops by creators from all domains from around the world on this marketplace

tApes are here

TronApes is the only originally made generative project on Tron, with each TronApe having unique characteristics and traits that are made by top artists from the world This very feature will take blockchain and crypto users to the first billion!


TRC-721 is a set of standard interfaces for issuing Non-Fungible Token on the
TRON network. Whereas, ERC-721 refers to a NFT Standard that is based on the Ethereum network.

Minting is how your digital art becomes a part of the blockchain, i.e NFT.

As of now, there are two wallets that support TRC-721 NFTs, namely TronLink
and Klever.

A marketplace that connects creators and their fans through collectibles NFTs built on top of Tron.



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